FAT BOB 2018


Combo of the Harley-Davidson 2018 line, model Fat Bob changes family

With new generation of engine, more rigid and light frame, new headlight with LEDs and improved visual, model now composes the line Softail of the American brand, being mounted in Manaus

In 2018, the traditional American brand will be 115 years old. Founded in 1903, it continues to try to modernize, without losing the characteristics that made fame around the world, keeping the two-cylinder V-engine, with a 45 degree inclination and vocation to face long distances. To commemorate the anniversary, it anticipated the calendar and brought its 2018 lineup with a host of new features, including the end of the Dyna family, which merged with the Softail line, now featuring the new Fat Bob. The modernization, in addition to the reclassification of family, goes through the visual, motor and the frame, which was lighter

The new Softail Fat Bob, model 2018, will also land in Brazil, assembled in Manaus, and already has up to a projected price, in the house of R $ 58,900. The curious thing is that to modernize, Fat Bob sought inspiration in the look of the 1950s, with very wide tires and short wings. However, the hoops are much smaller, 16 inches in diameter, to compensate. The combination of smaller wheels and higher profile tires (150/80 in the front and 189/70 in the rear) created an interesting aesthetic effect, in which the disc brakes, with ABS system as standard, have a huge appearance.

The touches of modernity, to contrast the foot in the past, begin in enlightenment. The headlamp has an unprecedented format, something like a flattened oval, equipped with a battery of LEDs, in addition to daylight. The exhaust became more aggressive and resembles the one adopted by the V-Rod model, with double tip and a little higher to allow greater inclinations in the curves without the risk of scraping. Another more sporty touch in Fat Bob’s “customizing” series proposal is the handlebars. Higher and well planed, it has the wiring and camouflaged cables, which are embedded, so as not to disturb the set.

The panel, however, follows the old recipe and sits on top of the tank. However, it has been completely modernized. The new Softail family, which now includes Fat Bob, has gained aluminum wheels and a completely redesigned new frame, stiffer (up to 65%) and also lighter, which can reach a significant reduction of up to 17kg and also allows angles more curved, increasing maneuverability. The Fat Bob 2018 also gained new bench and fuel tank, intelligent key, that allows to ignite the ignition even being in the pocket, recognizing the approximation, and USB socket next to the steering column for connection of electronics.

The front suspension was also modernized. With an inverted fork, it has Showa Dual Bending Valve technology (SDBV), already tested in the Touring family and now “transplanted” to the Softail family. The rear suspension, now mono, also has Showa shock absorber, with easy possibility of manual adjustment in the preload and has been mounted in a new position to ensure greater traction and stability. The gearshift has six gears, with the sixth very long, allowing it to run on flatter roads at lower speeds and higher speeds, generating fuel economy.

The engine follows the traditional Harley-Davidson recipe, with two-cylinder architecture in V. However, the entire new Softail line, including Fat Bob, has adopted the new engine development, named Milwaukee Eight 107. Milwaukee in honor of the city of Wisconsin, Eight alluding to the number of valves (four in each cylinder) and 107 indicating the size of the engine in cubic inches, which corresponds to 1,746cm³ and which generates 14.8kgfm of torque. The most vitaminized Milwaukee Eight 114 engine (which corresponds to 1868cm³), is also available.

In my opinion, this FATBOB 2018 became the most entry animal of the SofTail family.


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