Ducati Scrambler 796



Like “la Ferrari”, the Ducati established itself as an Italian brand. In the face of its sporting essence, the brand that has been controlled by Audi since 2012, has achieved a feat: revived the Scrambler of the 1960s. The name, which in free translation means “mixed”, eventually became a brand of itself – proof of this is that on the aluminum sides of the tank, the Ducati appears (well) smaller than the name of the version. This is not the first time that Italian marketing has worked well: Monster, synonymous with naked since 1993, did the same feat.

As expected from a Scrambler, minimalism and lack of excess are inherent qualities. The round, “off-the-beaten” design is around the “trellis” steel chassis, the “move, spoil” visual chassis. Drop tank, in turn, takes 13.5 liters and has the words “Born in 1962” (or, born in 1962), on the aluminum lid. The short exhaust tip emits a sporty and captivating noise.

Some airs of modernity are noticed in the round digital panel and in the globe of LEDs that surrounds the lighthouse; lighting that also filled the “hidden” rear flashlight under the seat. And just.

Tradition of the brand, the two-cylinder engine arranged in “L” derives from that used in the old Monster 796. However, it received a new head, in order to deliver more force in low and medium rotations. Air-cooled, it has the aid of a vertical oil cooler and a current electronic injection.

But nothing more. For Scrambler the brand relinquished technologies common to other models, such as traction control and power delivery maps. There is only anti-locking system on the brakes and nothing more.

Better then, why it is thanks to this raw, almost stripped, that the Scrambler proves to be a good guide. In town or on roads, draw attention and stare at battered asphalt with reasonable amount of comfort. The generous running set contributes to both. Tires are mixed, model MT 60 RS from Pirelli, with 110/80 R18 on the front, and behind the “patona” is a 180/55, mounted on a 17 “by 5.5” (!) Wheel width. The suspension uses Kayaba’s inverted front forks, while the rear with mono-damper is firm. Both have 15 cm of course.

The wide and tall handlebar allows open and raised arms, contributing to erect ergonomics. The seat is low (79 cm from the ground) and comfortable. Even though it eventually slides into the tank; “Fault” that can be solved with a Comfort model. The accessory owns more foam and is coated in chic brown leather, which offers greater grip. Garupa has a very reasonable area, and the catchers are hidden under the sides of the seat, in the rear sub-chassis itself.

The cable clutch is not the mildest in everyday use, but the six-speed transmission couplings are usually easy and soft. On the brakes, progressive responses: the front system offers adjustment of the throttle distance, while the Brembo caliper is powerful at the stops, next to the generous 330mm disc.

Behind, the 245 mm brake response calls for firm pedal treading for even more incisive action. That is, you can brake well until the ABS Bosch takes action, acting precise.

The performance of the 803 cm³ engine borders on the brute: the Scrambler has a lot of strength since the starts and is coy, asking for a light right hand – after all, it generates 6.9 kgfm of torque already at 5,750 rpm. On the plus side is that, unlike some Ducati, the engine vibrates little and runs at low revs without complaining or “nodding”. At higher revs, the accelerations are powerful, with 75 hp starting at 8,250 rpm. Leaving is for the hottest days, when the heat of the engine can bother.

Higher motorcyclists may not approve ergonomics for the legs: because of the “lowered” seat, the legs are very flexed. The digital display shifted to the right, in turn, owed the fuel marker, just a light-spy to the reserve. However, it offers clock, spindle and good visibility

With weight even contained for its size (170 kg dry), the Scrambler is relatively agile in the city; stowing content to snake with the chariots


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